Bob Fahy

Director of Adult Golf

Level III USGTF Member
5SK Certified

Bob started playing golf when he was 20 years old. His parents decided to join a newly established club in his home town of Trumbull, Connecticut. Bob’s father played quite a bit when he was a young man, but gave it up for the responsibilities of raising five children and decided to start playing again in 1961 with the opening of Hillandale Country Club. Bob played just about every day that he could, sometimes as many as 36 to 45 holes in one day. He couldn’t get enough of golf at that time. He always studied the swing and often discussed his findings with his father, Bud, who also loved discussing the golf swing. There were SO MANY times in Bob’s life when he thought he had finally found the secret to the best swing only to try it the next day and realize he didn’t really have it. That process continues today, although Bob knows quite a bit more now than he did 50 years ago.

Bob turned professional in 2008 after spending 42 years in business. He was finally about to do what he would have liked to have done all of his life. Bob has had the opportunity to teach students of all ages and abilities, none more enjoyable than teaching his two sons, Ryan and James. Today they both continue to play the game well.  Bob and his wife moved from Sarasota, Florida to Virginia in July 2011 and started construction on their new home that month. They moved into it in December of 2011. Bob met with Janet Phillips, Class “A” LPGA/PGA Professional and co-owner of the Windy Hill Sports Complex, in January. An agreement was reached and he started teaching at Windy Hill in March of 2012. He is really enjoying it and finds the people of Virginia to be friendly and pleasantly outgoing.

These are some of the comments I have received from my students at Windy Hill:

It’s a miracle! After just one golf lesson with you, my game has improved by 10…12…15 strokes per round. And during the second round post lesson, I scored a hole-in-one. That was quite a thrill.

My neighbor has witnessed my transformation and asked for your contact information as he wants some of that. Needless to say, I will be working with you to continue improving my enjoyment of the game. I cannot thank you enough.

Best regards,
Rick T.

thank you so much for all that you have taught me. Because of the lessons I took with you I got my first closest to the pin. I was four feet from the pin on 156 Yard par 3. unfortunately I missed the birdie putt but still one of the best shots I’ve ever had. Thank you for everything.

Jeremy P.

Hi Bob!
I wanted to tell you I played my first 18 holes yesterday with Neil and his father and I had a blast — furthermore, I kept up with them!!

I noted that my 3/5/7 iron play is a bit weak and I need to do a lot of repetition on putting to understand my strength, etc… but all in all, a HUGE improvement from where I was before my first Adult plus class.

Looking forward to working with you again soon!


Martha W.

Just a quick update. Played today for the first time with my buddies. 39-41 for an 80 which is the best I have shot in quite a while. I have shot this course in 78 before and I could have been there with a bit of good fortune but not to be. Anyway, iron play was better. The four hybrid is a monster and I am glad that I have it. The driver was erratic with some straight and some tailing off to the right. When I screwed up it was mostly because of alignment so I will have to work on that throughout this next week. I play tomorrow and hope to better my score today.
Thank you very much again for your time and effort. Believe me when I tell you that if you lived here, you would probably have had about three more students.
all my best,

Dayton McAloo

I cannot thank you enough for your help. I leave here on Friday and return to Indiana. I will let you know after a few rounds and practices. Again, my sincere thanks



I played much better than I have in the past when I played the best ball
tournament last Monday.  I appreciate the lesson and I will be calling you next time I
need some instruction, until then I will continue to practice what you have
taught me.


Thanks Bob …it very nice meeting you. I felt very gratified following our lesson as I was able to successfully produce “connected” strikes following our lesson with the remaining balls.

Talk to you soon,



Hello Bob –
I wanted to thank you again for the lesson, I played the course at Magnolia Greens after the lesson and shot a 41 on the back. As a 20hcp, that’s the best 9 I’ve ever played considering it’s 3400+ yds, and plays at a slope of 149. Iron ball striking was much improved, and I was smooth with the driver as we talked about.
My plan is to keep working on the things you’ve listed below, and I’ll come back for another lesson in a couple weeks to check on progress.


“Thanks Bob for your summary I will study these techniques and let you know how I am improving. I am already looking forward to our next lesson the next time I come home.”

Kind regards,


Thanks again for your help.
I feel I’ve learned a lot, and I’m gaining more confidence in my swing.

I’m looking forward to practicing now that I have a greater understanding of the mechanics.


Dear Bob,

Thank you for your patience and encouragement during my golf lessons. After a few short weeks I feel my swing has improved and I can play with much more confidence. I look forward to my next set of lessons later this summer.

Best regards,

Contact the pro shop to arrange a lesson. Bring me your SLICES, HOOKS, SHANKS, PUSHES, PULLS,FAT SHOTS and DUBBS. I’ve cured them all! I look forward to working with you to make you the best golfer you can be.

Bob Fahy