Student Reviews

Beginner Clinic Student Reviews

“I felt that Bob was an excellent instructor and related well To everyone in the class. He was respectful and knowledgeable without a bit of stuffiness.”
Betsy C.

“Great Value! Instruction was spot on. The techniques described matched what I heard from Greg Norman on TV!”
Steve H.

“Bob is an amazing instructor. He explained everything clearly and worked so well with the group. He was very patient and supportive, especially when I got frustrated. He encouraged and motivated me to continue and now I love the game!”
Jenn B.

“Excellent pace and the instructor had great people skills”
Velma B.

“Instructor was fantastic!”
Leaha N.

“Bob inspired me!”
Cathy E.

“Loved the classes and the interaction between Bob and Scott. They were fabulous!” (A second instructor was added due to class size)
Deborah K.

“Wonderful experience, lots of fun and very informative”
Teresa G.

“The instructors were very patient and made me feel comfortable”
Renee L.

Beginner Plus Clinic Student Reviews

“The content and structure of the Beginner and Beginner Plus programs is sound. While taking both, I’ve devoured several recommended golf “How-To” books plus looked at every tutorial I could find on the internet and Golf Channel. There is a consistent alignment with technique both Bob and Scott have shown me with all this material. More importantly, when I am practicing at the range, I’ve encountered Bob several times and he never fails to stop to offer encouragement and advice.”
Steve H.

“You pointed out my swing faults and made the corrections easy to understand. I immediately noticed a difference on the course. Very helpful!”
Jay C.

“Golf instruction has always been confusing as well as conflicting. Bob made it easy to understand and much more common sense than I’ve ever heard before.”
Randy T.

“I like being able to ask questions and get answers than made sense to me”
Josh C.

Intermediate Clinic Student Reviews

“I was a bit reluctant to take this clinic fearing my game would somehow get worse with conflicting swing thoughts. Quite the opposite. Bob made the adjustments easy to understand and within 15 minutes impact was much better”
Tom P.

“I’m a single digit handicap and have had few lessons mostly due to a lack of confidence that the instructor would do more harm than good. Bob proved me wrong. This was great and I feel better about my game now than I ever have.”
Russ C.