Q & A

Asked and Answered

I’m not that athletic and not sure if golf is for me?
Simply put, if you can walk you can play golf. It must be explained correctly and we know how to do exactly that.

I’m not sure I’ll like it?
You’re not alone. However, making it fun and easy is what sets our clinics apart from the rest. It all comes down to the instructor and our “2015 Student Surveys” rate our performance as EXCELLENT 100% of the time!

What do I do since I have no clubs?
No clubs? No problem. We’ll provide everything you’ll need. And, when you are ready to buy your first set, we’ll custom fit the clubs for you to make sure they contribute to your progress and not impede it.

My schedule is unpredictable. What if I miss a session?
No problem. We will schedule a total of 50 clinics for 2016. That’s 250 sessions! If you miss one, we’ll find one covering the material you missed as a make up and make it convenient for you.

The curriculum for the clinic sounds like a lot of information. How will I be able to remember all that?
You don’t have to. You will receive a session follow-up email detailing everything that was covered. That’s one of the reasons our students improve more than most. Practice sessions are much more productive when you’re applying the right techniques.

What if I don’t catch on quickly? Is additional help available?
Show up 15 minutes early for class and join in a “Review Session” covering last weeks high points as well as answer your concerns at no additional charge.

I have a few friends who are as inexperienced as I am. Can we stay together in the same clinic?
We will do our best to accommodate your request. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. If you have 4 or 5 friends and would like to create your own “Custom Clinic” we can do that at the same rate and on a day and time that fits your schedule.